Thursday, October 22, 2009

VeganMoFo Day Twenty-Two: Glenny's Marshmallow... Treats?

The other night, Jonathan arrived home with a treat for us! (Ain't he a sugarpants?) I had never seen or even heard of Glenny's Marshmallow Treats before, so it was quite the surprise. As you can see, they're made of brown rice - well that's cool. And they're organic - alright, well I'm not really concerned about my marshmallow treats being healthy or anything, but I'm all for less square footage of farmland being sprayed down with pesticides, so rad.

At first I thought it must just be accidentally vegan, but even if that's the case Glenny's sure has caught on. (I hear it's not the easiest process to get that little v-in-heart emblem on your box!) The truth is that I haven't had a rice crispie treat since I went vegan. Sure, there are some great vegan marshmallows on the market now (THANK YOU Sweet & Sara and Chicago Soydairy!), so the only reason for this is my sheer laziness. The double truth is that pre-veganity I never made rice crispie treats - I only had them at other peoples' houses. It wasn't something we did 'round my place. Basically, I was really psyched to try these things out!

Well... they sure are made of a puffed rice cereal type stuff. And they sure do have A LOT of sugar in them. As for any marshmallow flavor or texture... well, um, if you strain the imagination real, real hard... maybe? Perhaps if I had never had a rice crispie treat before I'd think they were awesome. As it is though, all I can say is, nice try Glenny's. Good for you for making a vegan product. (If you could make it a little better though, that'd be fab.)


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Yeah. Those things taste all right, but for people who like that healthy brown rice crap. In my house, my mother was obsessed with rice crispie treats and would make a lot of them for Christmas. They were always the first to go. I like the unhealthy ones with lots o' butter and marshmallow! Mmm.

Hannah said...

Aw, sorry to hear that you didn't like them... I must admit, I'm somewhat fond of these when I'm just craving something quick and sweet (and still pretty light). I like the Trader Joe's version better though... At least, they're cheaper!

melissa bastian. said...

I can see how they would definitely be a quick fix for a sweet tooth! ;)

I didn't know that Trader Joe's did one; I can go into the TJ in Union Square - that place is like instant panic attack. I hear there's one out in Queens that's much calmer, but it's not really accessible by subway. No TJ for me.