Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VeganMoFo Day Twenty-One: Very Very V-Spot!

It amazes me that I have lived in NYC for four years, and have been vegan for three and a half of those years, and yet still have not been to every veg restaurant in the city. And we eat out! A lot! (Way more than we should, as a matter of fact.) I'd sort of heard of this place, but it wasn't until a fellow PPKer mentioned that a person could buy Daiya at V-Spot, a Latin vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, that I became determined to get on over to the Slope and try it out.

But holy empanada, am I glad we did! The V is simply amazing. To my knowledge there is nowhere else in the city serving vegan food anything like this. Sure you can get a great vegan burrito at Curly's, but people it is not the same thing. This restaurant has a wide range of various traditional Latin foods from different countries (though it does seem to focus on Colombian dishes), and it has some unexpected off-the-cuff offerings as well, such as quinoa spaghetti with marinara! Like whoa, right?

Their signature dish is their amazing empanadas, and OMG. There's a reason they're known for these things. If you made a dinner of nothing but these and the fried platanos, you would not be disappointed. Since it was our first visit, though, of course we wanted to try everything on the menu! Well it's a really extensive menu so we couldn't. But we did our best.

Well of course we started with said famous/infamous empanadas. As beautiful as they are delicious, as delicious as they are beautiful. It was almost a shame to cut into these perfect pockets. But then, it's a conundrum, because they're so tantalizing that it was almost impossible to wait long enough to photograph them before digging in.

For main courses, I ordered the spinach and mushroom soft tacos. A taste explosion! Spicy spicy. Certainly unlike any other taco I've ever had. And is that mashed potato in the bottom? Why yes, yes it is. Will the wonders never cease. Served with a hearty portion of fried platanos and a lovely side salad. And, of course, I also ordered the sake pina colada. How could I not? It was a strange experience - if I didn't already know what it was like to have sake instead of the proper liquor in a known mixed drink, I'd have thought something had gone funny with the coconut milk. But the cold, creamy, somewhat saltiness of it actually went quite nicely with the food. Once I got the drink, anyway. But we'll talk about that in a minute.

Jonathan got the cutlets, because it's fall now and that means it's time for dishes like cutlets. (Thus are the workings of the mind of Jonathan.) As he put it, he's had this kind of plate before at other restaurants around town, but V-Spot did a much better job with it. And the mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach that came with were quite divine.

There was one, and only one, downside to our first V-Spot experience, which was that there was a bit of a hitch in our service. Actually, all that really happened was that they totally forgot about our drinks. It got irritating, though, when we told the guy who brought our food and then we *still* didn't have them ten minutes later. To be fair, though, they were dealing with a birthday party or some such group that was at least a 12 top and involved toddlers, and compromised easily a third of their seating area. That kind of thing can really throw off a waitstaff, understandably. We had also arrived just at the beginning of the dinner rush. At any rate, we got everything in the end, and the meal came together and was pleasing, and everyone was friendly, and our head waiter guy apologized without us even making a fuss or anything - so really what more can you ask for? These things happen.

We would have loved to peruse dessert, but there was no room left! Total impossibility. Next time, next time...

Did we pick up some Daiya, that magicomystal substance that led us to the V-Spot in the first place? Oh yes, yes we did. But that, my loves, is a story for another day.


Anonymous said...

That sounds amazing, I want to go!

Seitan Said Dance said...

I love the food at The V Spot, but find they usually add too much sauce (and it always ends up on my pants). I've never had any of their Latin dishes, though. I'm going to need to rectify this (and pick up some Daiya) STAT!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

The food sounds great! Sorry it took so long for your drinks. I can't eat without having something to drink.