Monday, October 12, 2009

VeganMoFo Day Twelve: Why am I baking all these damn cookies?

It's true - I baked approximately eight dozen cookies in the span of... eighteen hours? But contrary to appearances, I am not actually squirreled away in my apartment, shoving cookie after cookie into my chocolate-smeared crumb-rimmed mouth. Nope. Sure, I've eaten some cookies in the past few days. Too many, even. I think yesterday I had eight. At least I know exactly what was in them!

But I've been baking cookies for a reason. A good reason, even. Some would even say, for a cause. Fo realz! And what's my big "why?" Because Farm Sanctuary asked me to!

OK, fine, not me specifically. We're not all BFF like that. But on Wednesday, Advocacy Organizer David Benzaquen raised the call for baked goods to be donated to a bake sale, to occur on Saturday. And I said, I can do that! As a matter of fact, it sounded like one of the best reasons I'd ever heard to bake way, way too many cookies. Major bonus: that I wouldn't just eat them all myself for once!

On Saturday morning I finished baking the chocolate chip cookies, packed up those and the Earl Greys, and headed on down to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. This has long been a gathering spot for revolutionary thinkers and holders of progressive views and lifestyles. On Sunday it would be the location of the NYC Veg Fest, but on Saturday it was home to Harvest Rebellion, a small but rockin' music festival at which Farm Sanctuary was asked to come and table. No selling was to be allowed at the Veg Fest, so FS held the bake sale on Saturday.

We came to drop off the goods early - always good to be set up before things really get going. As usual FS had a beautiful display set up with info about the farm, as well as other educational materials about factory farming and veg alternatives. At the moment their champion campaign is Adopt-a-Turkey - a really fantastic program and a great way to start a new thanksgiving tradition in your family. Not only are you not contributing to the death of these beautiful animals by refusing to bring them to your dinner table; by sponsoring one, you are contributing to the happy and prosperous life of the FS turkey of your choosing! Totally rad, says I.

Jonathan and I spent a happy hour or so chatting with David, intern Molly, and other FS volunteers and passersby. And of course we couldn't help ourselves from purchasing and sampling some of the other donated bakesale goodies! Just take a look - all vegan of course! Totally delish - the animal cookies and apple muffins made by a splendid girl named Calla were an utter delight.

Alas, we couldn't stick around all day - big things afoot in wedding land that day. But it was clear that the event was a success. +1 for Farm Sanctuary, +1 for the animals and for awesome vegan baked goods! Thanks to the good people of FS for making it happen every day! Woot.


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That's freaking awesome! 8 dozen cookies is a lot of baking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of Farm Sanctuary!