Friday, October 16, 2009

VeganMoFo Day Sixteen: 300! (Part Two)

Hello poppetts. It's Friday, everybody's working for the weekend (except me, because I have to work this weekend). So without further ado, it's time for...

The HHL Vegan Hundred of 2009!

(If you're totally confused, please refer to yesterday's post.)

1. Molasses - duh! There's a huge jar of it from the Amish market by Jon's parents' house sitting in my pantry right now. Couldn't make my famous chewy ginger cookies without it.
2. Cactus/Nopales - hey... this was in the last one! It was just called "prickly pear".
3. Scrambled Tofu - this was in the last one too. Come on now.
4. Grilled Portobella Caps - love them!
5. Fresh Ground Horseradish - had it. Not a fan. Is it my imagination or is this more of a man thing?
6. Sweet Potato Biscuits - sounds freaking awesome.
7. Arepa - would LOVE to find vegan arepas - all the street fairs of NYC have stands for the mozzarella filled kind.
8. Vegan Cole Slaw - yeah, but I'm not big on raw cabbage.
9. Ginger Carrot Soup - yummy!
10. Fiddlehead Ferns - I've had these on my plate, but I prefer them in flower arrangements.
11. Roasted Elephant Garlic - is this different than regular garlic?
12. Umeboshi - also on the last one. Grrr.
13. Almond Butter Toast - um. This strikes me as two different items. I've had almond butter. It's a bit too pasty for me usually. Which is sad - I love almonds. I've also had toast.
14. Aloe Vera - should be used as a salve, not as a food.
15. H and H Bagel NYC - nope. I stick with Ess-a-Bagel. Jonathan says this place is better, but he's wrong.
16. Slow Roasted Butternut Squash - I don't like winter squashes.
17. White truffle - still only truffle oil.
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes - is this intentionally the same as the other one?
19. Freshly ground wasabi - wasabi is not my friend. I go through every one of my Japanese meals without touching that green lump.
20. Coconut Milk Ice Cream (not store bought) - sadly no. But if we ever get off our lazy rumps and start making homemade ice cream again...
21. Heirloom tomatoes - I'm going to start answering all the repeats with an angry, toe-pinching crabie. His name is Giraldo, and he looks like this: V.v.V
22. Orchard-fresh pressed apple cider - not in a long, long time. Mmmmm, cider...
23. Organic California Mango (in season Sept-Oct only) - I've had mango plucked ripe from the trees that morning in July in the more rural areas of the Florida keys. You can try to tell me there's better mango in the world, but I'm not going to believe you.
24. Quinoa - love it. Coolest grain - maybe competing with barley for taste and bite. But quinoa looks cooler and has a better spelling.
25. Papaya Smoothie - sounds nifty.
26. Raw Scotch Bonnet (habanero) pepper (just a bite!!) - V.v.V
27. Goji Berry Tea - tea? No. I think I've had other stuff though.
28. Fennel - shur. The seeds as a refresher after an Indian meal; the bulbs sliced in salad. And hopefully grilled at our wedding!
29. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie - yeahduh.
30. Radishes and Vegan Buttery Spread - hmm, no. You can keep your radishes.
31. Starfruit - I remember the first time I had starfruit. My dad was traveling for work, so it was just me and my sis and my mom. I was probably seven or eight. Mom brought home a starfruit and sliced it across the axis to show the shape, and we sat there on our parents' bed, watching TV and eating slices of it. Sitting there then, we weren't sad or upset about anything; we were happy just the three of us with this fascinating new food.
32. Oven fresh Sourdough bread - any fresh baked bread is my buddy.
33. Sangria made with premium fruit and juices - Mundo in Astoria is good for this.
34. Sauerkraut - V.v.V
35. Acai Smoothie - I'm not that impressed with acai. Hype, mostly.
36. Blue Foot Mushrooms - mushroom I do not know! I want!
37. Vegan Cupcake from Babycakes nyc - nobody can help pulling the NYC stuff can they. Yeah I've had them. Is it blasphemy to admit that they look better than they taste?
38. Sweet Potatoes and Tempeh combo - that sounds gross, both texturally and because I don't like tempeh.
39. Falafel - loves me some falafel.
40. Spelt Crust Pizza - I think so, though I believe it was despite the spelt.
41. Salt and Pepper Oyster Mushrooms - I think they do these at Gobo; that is to say, I think I've had these at Gobo. I adore oyster mushrooms.
42. Jicama Slaw - I heart jicama, and Jon once made us a shredded salad type thing with it.
43. Pumpkin Edamame Ginger Dumplings - whoa. I'll take some. I'm big on the dumplings.
44. Hemp Milk - tried it for the sake of trying it. If it was the only vegan milk I could get, I'd get it, and it wouldn't be like torture or anything.
45. Rose Champagne - like pink? Fancee!
46. Fuyu - don't think so but it sounds fascinating.
47. Raw Avocado-Coconut Soup - make me some?
48. Tofu Pesto Sandwich - several versions. Delish when done right.
49. Apple-Lemon-Ginger-Cayenne fresh-pressed juice...with Extra Ginger - I prefer a simple carrot orange, or carrot ginger, or carrot orange celery is really good!
50. Grilled Seitan - it's not bad grilled, but I'm not a big seitan person.
51. Prickly pear - now you're repeating yourself! Or do you mean both the bulb and the pad? Giraldo demands clarification! V.v.V
52. Fresh Pressed Almond Milk - no, only the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze that I swear by. If someone wants to go through the trouble of making it, I'll drink the hell outta some.
53. Concord Grapes off the vine - sounds like some sort of Greek fantasy.
54. Ramps - apparently ramps are wild leeks. That's the kind of thing you want to point out, because no, I haven't been eating any bits of interstate.
55. Coconut Water fresh from a young coconut - yes! Part of why I love living in Queens. They'll just hack the top right off for you and stick a straw in.
56. Organic Arugula - out of my own back yard.
57. Vidalia Onion - my mom loves cooking with these.
58. Sampler of organic produce from Diamond Organics - my Christmas present? You shouldn't have!
59. Honeycrisp Apple - I usually get fujis. This name gives this apple a big promise to live up to.
60. Poi - Hawaiian, Samoan, or Tahitian? I haven't had any, but I'd try all three.
61. Vegan Campfire-toasted Smores - V.v.V
62. Grape seed Oil - it's in everything, but I don't think I've had it in isolation. Is there a reason to?
63. Farm fresh-picked Peach - no. Must drive through Georgia during picking season.
64. Freshly-made pita bread with freshly-made hummus - not freshly made; that would be so rad.
65. Chestnut Snack Packs - what?
66. Fresh Guava - I would need to travel for that. Maybe someday!
67. Mint Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies - in my mind that is at least three different cookies.
68. Raw Mallomar from One Lucky Duck, NYC - I do not support that establishment or its proprietor.
69. Fried plantains - V.v.V
70. Mache - lamb's lettuce eh? Probably. I'll eat most edible greens as long as they're not super bitter.
71. Golden Beets - I don't think I've had them, but I would. I looooove red beets - fresh, canned, pickled, whatever.
72. Barrel-Fresh Pickles - I'm a big fan of the dill pickle. The weirdo garlic pickle that you find in these parts I'm not so fond of.
73. Liquid Smoke - Jonathan is in love with this product.
74. Meyer Lemon - my parents have a meyer lemon tree growing in their front yard. When it's big enough to sprout fruit, I'll let you know.
75. Veggie Paella - I've seen this listed on websties, and it confuses me. Because in my former life I loved "real" paella, and... where do you go with that? Which I think means I have to go somewhere that gets good reviews for its veg paella and find out. Right?
76. Vegan Lasagna (raw optional) - I make a damn fine one.
77. Kombucha - unlimited refills at Spring Street Natural.
78. Homemade Soy Milk - V.v.V
79. Lapsang souchong - in my pantry.
80. Lychee Bellini - at the bar up the block.
81. Tempeh Bacon - before I was even vegan. (It sucks.)
82. Sprouted Grain Bread - the bagels from Sai Organics.
83. Lemon Pepper Tempeh - I'm beginning to think you have a tempeh obsession. I do use lemon pepper on everything though.
84. Vanilla Bean - the actual beans are so cool aren't they? And of course they're not really beans. They're the seed pod of an orchid. Exotic, no?
85. Watercress - can't have a watercress sandwich without it.
86. Carrot you pulled out of the ground yourself - I've never grown carrots - that would be so spiffy. I would want bunnyrabbits to come and steal them.
87. Vegan In-Season Fruit Pie - maybe I've had it? I would definitely eat it!
88. Flowers - V.v.V Giraldo is now enraged! Giraldo hopes that there are no more repeats, or there will be some serious toe-pinching happening for sure!
89. Corn Chowder - no but I want some! Well, I guess I have had some kind of thick corn soup that comes out of a carton, and it's alright for a quick work lunch, but I'd like something higher quality than that.
90. High Quality Vegan Raw Chocolate - supposedly yes. But I was very disappointed with the product I received. I love chocolate so much! So it was a real letdown.
91. Yellow fuzz-free Kiwi - I don't think I'd like it. I very much enjoy very ripe kiwi, but anything less is like eating a lemon.
92. White Flesh Grapefruit - yeah, but ruby red is so much better.
93. harissa - I probably could not do this.
94. Coconut Oil - it's in everything, and why would you eat it alone?
95. Jackfruit - the coolest looking fruit! I need to make it a mission to eat it in isolation and know what it tastes like.
96. Homemade Risotto - as in, boiled it from a box? Yes. As in, started with flour or a potato ricer or something? No. I love it though - it's a shape / texture / mouthfeel that I crave.
97. Spirulina - only in green shakes.
98. Seedless 'Pixie' Tangerine - I heart citrus. And naming fruits pixie!
99. Gourmet Sorbet, not store bought - stop by Angelo Brocato's next time you're in New Orleans and see if that's gourmet enough for you. Just because people say it's exactly like what they've got in gelaterias in Italy...
100. Fresh Plucked English Peas - hmm. Well I've helped Jon's mom pick various peas from their little plot of farmland, and prepared them on the front porch of the house, and eaten them that night. Does that count?

Two down, one to go. Tomorrow it's Saturday, and I present to you my very own Frankenstein monster of a Vegan 100... join me if you dare!

Post Script: Giraldo the crab V.v.V would like to mention that he doesn't believe the author of HHL was aware of the 2008 version of the Vegan's 100 when penning this list. He feels that potentially the repetitions came more from a faithfulness to the Omnivore's 100 than from any carelessness or lack of creativity. He compliments the author of HLL for her Vegan Hundred endeavor. He is a fair and evenhanded, though crabby, crabbie. He implores me to point out that only one toe was pinched during the answering of this list. (It was mine.)

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