Friday, October 09, 2009

VeganMoFo Day Nine: Marshmallow, Part Two.
(or - Death By Marshmallow!)

Apparently I am trying to die a sweet death amidst piles of fluffy white goodness.

It's not my fault! It's all because of VeganMoFo. (Terry and Isa, j'accuse!)

See, after linking to good old Sweet & Sara yesterday, well of course I had to go poking around their lovely website (which wouldn't you know it was designed by good old Jason Das). Well, wasn't I surprised! The site is full on up with products of theirs that I've never seen before! We've picked up their signature vanilla marshmallows and toasted coconut marshmallows plenty of times. But oh, oh. The world of glorious wonders offered truly does boggle the mind.

So I ordered some.

Actually, I ordered a lot. A really lot. A lot lot. What did I get? Well, I'll show ya, and you can anxiously await these treats along with me for the next few days as I wait for the shipment to arrive. (The glory part is that you, too, can order these fine products to be shipped right to your door {if you live stateside, anyway}! I freakin love the internets!)

How cute is this ridiculously cute little ghostie?! Oh, well, I guess I just answered my own question there huh. Whatev, I'm psyched. Back in my days of ignorance (i.e. when I didn't know where gelatin came from), I used to eat peeps like nobody's business. It's something that hadn't really gotten replaced in my vegan life. UNTIL NOW! I can't wait to see what adorableness will spring forth come spring!

People. Really now. Strawberry marshmallows? Like you're not gonna just totally go nuts over this?! Made with real strawberries people. Real ones! Not artificial strawberry flavor here. This is for realz. And they're pink!

Is it me, or does this stuff just keep get more exciting as we go? This here, now, is the cinnamon and pecan marshmallow. How many exclamation points am I allowed to use after that? Why don't you envision like six. Six? Yeah, I guess that should do it, probably. Not just topped with cinnamon here people. Infused. INFUSED.

Now stuff is just getting crazy. This is the Sweet & Sara original S'more. Yeah, that's what I said. It's a graham cracker, topped with luscious rich vegan marshmallow, then covered in chocolate. Yup. I might let Jonathan have some of this one because he's really excited about it. We'll have to see if he behaves though. And he'll have to be really, really good.

You thought the original S'more was exciting. Yeah, OK. Well, THIS ONE HAS PEANUT BUTTER IN IT. I know. I KNOW! There are those who will contend that everything is better with peanut butter - up to and including veggie burgers. I'm not quite one of those. But many things are greatly improved by it, and chocolate, marshmallow, and graham all fall into that category. I'm wondering if it's possible to order these by the case even if you're not a vendor...

Alright, allllright. Now, as if all that wasn't enough, she had to go and do this. It's like she was there at my grandma's house during the Christmases of my youth, watching Aunt Julie take the foil off of her plastic plates of divine homemade candy. This, poppets, is the rocky road bark - marshmallow and almond floating in a sea of rich chocolate.

I want to say that this is enough sugar to last me a month. If I'm not careful, it'll be gone in a week! It will be pure torture waiting for that box - but oh, such sweet reward when it arrives. I'm quivering with antici...


Join me in a week or so (after I've received, photographed, gorged, and awoken from my sugar coma) to hear how everything was, see how the real thing matches up with these professional glossy photos, and be jealous of my mad mad marshmallow booty!


Jeni Treehugger said...

WOAH! I'm dead jealous what with me living across the pond. and all that. I will have to live my marshmallow and smores life through you. Those strawberry marshmallows made me weep.

melissa bastian. said...

Well, we can only hope that S&S will become big enough to go INTERNACIONALE! :D