Thursday, October 08, 2009

VeganMoFo Day Eight: Candy is dandy...

...but liquor is quicker. A very wise man in a very funky outfit once said so. (Name that movie!)

Regardless, I've got me a big ol' soft spot for candy. This past weekend, knowing that I would be heading into a tough week, my darling Jonathan picked me up a treat. A very special treat, in fact - one so special that I didn't even know such a thing existed. What could this marvel be, you ask? Why, the small miracle that is VEGAN air-puffed marshmallows! It truly is the 21st Century, people.

Now, for quite some time, we've had the pleasure of Sweet and Sara's wonderful artisan-style marshmallows. These are delightful squares of chewy-sweet sin, and I adore them and their refrigerated goodness. I even fed the toasted-coconut version to my parents this past August, and skeptical as they may have been they were forced to give in to the deliciousness. However, the artisan variety is a distinctly different animal (punny!) than the stay-puff minis of my youth. Original Vanilla Dandies from Chicago Soydairy, those fine folks who brought us Teese, hit much closer to the mark.

Now, I'm just going to say it right up front. I ate the whole bag straight. When Jon brought these home I thought about incorporating them into some kind of recipe (vegan rocky road!), or floating them in some almond milk hot cocoa, or even roasting them over our gas stove. Well... yeah, we didn't do any of that. I just ate them. All of them. I think I let Jon have like six. Are they good? Yeah, they're good. Are they like the "classic" marshmallows we all remember? They melt in the mouth a little more readily, and there's some tinge of some kind of odd background flavor that I can't quite come to grips with. But basically, yes. This is an air-puffed marshmallow, for sure, no doubt. They totally get extra points for super cute packaging / mascot. Did I like them? Um... I mentioned that I ate the whole bag, right? Did I mention that I did so inside of three days?

That fact is slightly frightening when put in the context of this here nutrition label. Fat free, woo! But pretty darned sugar-full. (And, well, duh. They're marshmallows.) Not the worst sugar OD I've ever had, but a pretty good dose. If and when we get another bag, I'll probably have to have my man hide it from me and just dole out appropriate portions. It seems that I may have self-control issues. Another nice feature on this label, though: "made on dedicated vegan equipment". Gotta love that - particularly for those of us who cringed at the discoveries of Operation Pancake a while back. That industrial food-making equipment can be dicey stuff.

The verdict? I like me some Dandies! You should try some today. After all... They're Air-Puffed! ;)


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Ha! I ate them out of the bag too. I kept telling myself "s'mores...s'mores," but that didn't really happen.

Heather said...

Mmmm those sound awesome!! Thanks for really great the review. I've been wanting to try them. Every time hubby goes to get some from the only vegan mart that sells them, they be gone. Must order some up!! XOXO :)