Saturday, September 05, 2009

Oh, the idiocy.

Man, it's amazing that anybody is allowed to just say any old thing on the internet. Regarding a recent post on Marion Nestle's blog Food Politics, a guy named "Albert" pulled out this gem:
Food Politics? You should call this blog Food Fascists. You people are really, really scary. You make Fruit Loops a political issue? I suppose you’re very happy about Californian farmers having their water supply cut off. Right? I mean you want to control every morsel of food that we eat. I think the American people are waking up to you radical fascists trying to gain control of every facet of our lives. It was close, but hopefully you and your kind have been exposed enough to be stopped. I know its a cliche, but if you believe that the government mandates what we can and cannot eat, you really should go live in some communist country. We are not going to let you destroy America.
Destroy America, huh? Like by say, destroying its natural resources by using them improperly? Oh, wait, no that's not us, the people who dedicate such time and energy to creating change in the food industry. Hmm, maybe by tainting all of the lakes, rivers, streams, and underground water supplies? Oh, no, that wasn't us either. Maybe it was by uprooting the foundations of every small town so that they are all skeletons now, with maybe a functioning Wal*Mart - unless of course it pulled out after putting all the small stores out of business. Perhaps it was by luring in immigrants with seemingly open arms, for them only to discover that "free housing" meant fifteen to a trailer floor and "living wage" meant less than the country's minimum, until you're injured in unsafe work conditions, in which case you're SOL. Huh, no, NONE of that was us. That was ALL the enormous mulitnational corporations that have taken over our food supply and so much else about this country, and in fact so much else in our globalized world.

Here was my response.
Oh dearest Albert. Actually, all we want is to take *away* the complete and utter control that giant corporations currently hold over our entire food supply and give it back to individuals. If new laws can help that happen, so be it. Sometimes we need the government to step up to entities that have gained too much power and say "Hey, you guys can't do this." Like when they break up monopolies. And if the current state of food corporations doesn't represent monopolies, I don't know what to call it.

We want the food companies to do wild, crazy things like a) be honest about the nutritional quality of their food, b) produce food that's safe to eat, and c) do so in a way that doesn't unnecessarily harm people, animals, or the environment. You're right - we're a bunch of wackos!

You think you're fighting for freedom of choice, when actually you're fighting so that you can continue to do exactly what the corporations want you to - make them lots and lots of money.
Will people ever realize that loving your country does not mean following its leaders blindly, or supporting its companies till the death? That dissent is utterly American? A girl can dream.

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