Thursday, June 25, 2009

New issue of Vegetable Vegetable Mineral to be released... at the NYC Zine Fest!

Ah yes, it's been so long since I've written. But now I write with a newsflash! It's compound, involving the facts that a) I've completed the second issue of my "food issues" zine, Vegetable Vegetable Mineral, and b) it will be unveiled to the world in all its straw-colored 30% post consumer waste glory this Saturday, June 27th, as I table at the NYC Zine Fest!

Got all that?

Yeah, I'm psyched for the zine fest. I haven't tabled in over two years, and in preparing for this I realized that I now have fourteen (14!) zines in production. That's not all the ones I've ever written either - that's just the ones I'm currently selling. As it turns out, I'm a little zine crazy. Who knew? (Yeah, OK, I knew.)

So you're totally going to come see me at the fest right? Yeah, I thought so. Here's the info. It's being held at the Brooklyn Lyceum from 12 noon until 7pm (again, Saturday the 27th). And where is the Brooklyn Lyceum? On 4th Avenue in Park Slope, not far from Grand Army Plaza. Have a looksee:

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This event is an excellent flyering opportunity for, say, people interested in promoting animal rights and veg*nism, don'tcha think? I sure do. Not a time for preachin' - just a flyer, or a pamphlet, with a smile that says, "if you'd like to know more feel free to ask!" I'll have some materials from Farm Sanctuary at my table - along with, of course, my "Being Vegan is Awesome" zine and now two issues of VVM.

Anyway. Hurrah for NYC Zine Fest '09 - be there or be square!


panda with cookie said...

Hey! I'm planning to come to this. I will see you Saturday!

melissa bastian. said...

Fantastic - I'll see ya there!