Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The trials and tribulations of waffles in the workplace.

So, tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day - the politically correct version of the ever-popular Hallmark holiday Secretary's day. Hey, at least under this new all-encompassing definition I - the lowly "legal assistant" - am included. And apparently my office is celebrating this very important occasion with... a lunchtime waffle extravaganza!

It seems that we are to be awed by professional waffle showmen (did you know there was such a thing?) who will create gourmet waffle in showy demonstrations using giant waffle irons, and then embellish the gridded goodies with any number of toppings. You know - like butter, whipped cream, ice cream, hell, I dunno, fried eggs, bacon... sky's the limit! Of course, the toppings don't matter all, since I'm 99.87% sure that the batter itself will contain dairy products and eggs.

Alas, thus is the life of a vegan in a midtown office. And I suppose most any office that's not, say, the office of VegNews Magazine. Always there are delectable treats for the underlings in a half-hearted, halfassed attempt to try to keep us happy and quiet forgetful of our ridiculous workloads... unfortunately, rarely are these "treats" vegan-friendly - unless, of course, I baked or brought them. Which I do sometimes, but hey, I'm a busy girl.

Maybe I'll stop by Conference Room A and try to swipe a bowl of fruit? I'm freaking starving. It's obvious that when all my moving and trial insanity is over, I'm gonna have to go find me some awesome vegan waffles. I deserve it. Curly's maybe? Ahh, but come to think of it, my baby Jonathan makes a mean vegan waffle, like woah... and what better way to break in the new kitchen than with an awesome homemade waffle brunch?!

Oh, heaven help the man who shows me he's a good cook.

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