Sunday, April 05, 2009

So, how am I doing with this crazy juice thing?

I'll tell you, it's been a difficult week for body and soul. But not because of food. Because of work, and because we decided to rent a new apartment. Put a 55 hour work week together with the stress of breaking a lease and starting to pack, and you're bound to produce a certain amount of anxiety.

Tonight I'm all wound up. I should already be in bed, but the more I think about getting in bed the more anxious I become about going to work tomorrow. It's a crappy way to feel. But, then, not as crappy as, say, "laid off" must feel, so I suppose I should count my blessings.

As far as food goes, I didn't do too bad over the past week. Did I stick to my plan 100%? No. But I did alright. I ate a whole lot of food most days - partly because of the stress and partly because I'm just used to overeating, so that's something I really need to work on. I did manage to actually have juice for three of my five weekday meals - one carrot orange celery, one carrot celery beet, and one orange spinach celery. That last one was surprisingly tasty, and an amazingly vivid green color!

Of the two midday meals that ended up being something else, one was an awesome salad with mixed greens, smoked tofu, hearts of palm, and beets. The other was, well, um, a big ol' honkin bagel with tofu cream cheese. Both of those events were due to crazy work days during which I didn't stop and force myself to eat until like 3pm. And as far as the bagel goes, it's not totally off limits - after all, it did come from Ess-a-Bagel. Whole grain, freshly made from simple ingredients, and there were vegetables on it... OK, it's a stretch. But I could have done worse. And some days a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I'm thinking the coming week will be better. I hope. I've got everything set for the week - muesli for the morning, yogurt for the 11am, raw nuts for the 5pm. I've just got to force myself to get out of the office 'round 1pm and get that juice. And, you know, to not get anything else.

I did weigh myself this morning - 174.8 down from last week's 176.8 Does it mean anything? Hard to say. It seems that I easily fluctuate 2 to 3 pounds daily. I'll be more interested to see if that "loss" is maintained or even increased next week.

In the category of really good news, my foot is definitely better. So if I ever get the time, I can think about doing some serious walking again. Also the weather is starting to act like real spring - warmer! Windy with frequent rain, but still, warmer! So here's hoping that I can add some physical activity into the mix soon.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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