Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sample some veganity, wouldja?

I believe I've mentioned Vegan Samples to you before - a fellow Vegan Etsy team member has started a new enterprise whereby she collects wonderful little vegan tidbids, compiles them into these gorgeous funky handmade bags, and sells them off at a fair price to vegan-curious consumers. The goods enclosed cover a wide range of product types from a fairly large number of artisans, both from within and outside of the Etsy circles. And indeed, I am one of the many crafters whose goods are featured in said bags. For all that you'll get in the bag, the cost is low. Plus, 10% goes to an animal sanctuary! They're moving fast, so if you want one you should probably act now. Where to buy? Etsy of course! Me, I snagged mine this afternoon... sucka! :)


April Smith said...

I know I just replied to your other post, but I was wondering if this was one of the items you would be shipping down here for the veg fest? If not, I will buy one for the auction!

melissa bastian. said...

This isn't my item, so it's not something I'd be able to donate. But you could try contacting Heather about donating, and you could certainly purchase one! My donations will be two framed photographs and ten small sample packs from my own shop. :)