Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A food log for Tuesday.

Don't you want to know exactly what I eat in a day? Sure you do. As an example, we'll use yesterday. Ready? Here we go.

*7:15 - 7:30 am - muesli soaked overnight in almond milk; home brewed chai

*10:30 am - Whole Soy & Co. Vanilla Yogurt, 6 oz.

*1:00 pm - 24 ounces of carrot-beet-celery happiness. such a pretty color!

*3:00 pm - an orange

*5:00 pm - 1/4 cup raw almonds

*6:15 pm - an organic pear - good!

*7:45 pm - "crab"cakes made by Sunnen foods

*8:15 pm - chickpea salad

*9:30 pm - mug of warm almond milk with a tiny spoon of turbinado sugar in it, to calm my nerves... I was working from home. :(

So, yeah, I ate all day long. I'm very hungry right now, still trying to make this transition, so I'm spreading out the meals. Each time I ate was under 300 calories - and sometimes well under! (Good thing too, or I woulda had like over 3000 calories yesterday.) Like, the chickpea salad was 280, but the orange is only about 80. And the almond milk is like 50.

As my friend Rosieanna says, baby steps. I'm transitioning to eating less, but at least the majority of what I'm eating is real, good food. One day I really have to take a camera to the grocery store to demonstrate what a ridiculously portion of their wares falls into that category.


Anyway, off to work! A long day lies ahead.

Oh, and happy April!

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