Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Choco-a-go-go, you rock my bunny-lovin' world.

I did this little product writeup for the Vegan Etsy blog, and I thought I'd share it with you fine people as well. Enjoy!

* * *

Ahh, Easter time. For some a religious time, for many a celebration of the emergence of spring - and candy! Chock full of jellybeans, foil wrapped eggs and bunny rabbits, marshmallow peeps - in short, "treats" full of animal products! What's a vegan with a sweet tooth (like me) to do?

Lucky for me, I happened to stumble upon Choco-a-go-go's Big Peanut Butter Bun Bun. It was gorgeous, it was chocolate, it was bunny shaped, and best of all it was full of peanut butter! Could something so marvelously beautiful, so perfect, so vegan, have presented itself? I couldn't believe my eyes, but then on Etsy anything is possible. Naturally, I ordered two. (One for me and one for my partner Jonathan, of course.)

Well, my bunnies came less than a week after ordering - and long before the holiday for which they had been intended. My plan was to save these delectable hoppers for the big Sunday. That plan, I am sad to say, did not come to fruition. How could it, with those beautiful, delicious looking confections just begging to be sampled? And me, the queen of no willpower? The battle was lost before it was even begun.

I ate one. The chocolate was deep and rich, very dark - a decidedly mature taste, contrary to bunny-like form. The peanut butter? Sweet but not too sweet, ever so slightly crumbly - basically, perfect. Eureka! All the fun of Easters past, civilized for the ethical adult palette!

When Jonathan asked for his bunny, I had to theorize that it had hopped away all on its own.

I've ordered Choco-a-go-go's Springtime 'n Easter box for the big weekend - and I've instructed the shop's sweet owner not to ship until the last possible minute! That way it has a chance of survival. Waiting for it, I feel like a kid who knows she'll find an Easter basket brimming with plastic grass and joy. Now if I could just get my hands on some vegan jelly beans...

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