Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's! Go! Bowling! But only if the bowling alley has tofudogs.

So one of the fun things about being on the Vegan Etsy team is that you end up finding about all of these events that benefit animals. Unsurprisingly, many of them depend on outside contributions for greater success, and they frequently involve fun stuff like raffles and silent auctions. And, yes, that's usually where the team comes in. We donate... stuff! And then worthwhile organizations turn that stuff into cold hard cash, with which to help stray dogs and cats, feed the goats in their animal sanctuaries, et cetera.

This morning I sent off packages of donations for two such events. The first was for SASHA Farm, a sanctuary which will be having a fundraising event featuring a silent auction in I believe mid-April. I sent one of my odd little paperweights, and also a necklace that I made over the weekend. The necklace was beaded with red heart shaped Czech glass beads, and in the middle there's a turtle charm! I think it's way cute, but unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture of it. (That's OK though; I'm gonna do another one for my shop so we can all revel in the cuteness.) I also didn't think to take a picture of the awesome gift boxes that I sent both items off in.. but oh well, so it goes. I hope they bring in a little something for SASHA.

The second was for Bowling for Animals! Best name ever. It's a fundraising project of SNAP - the Spay and Neuter Action Project in San Diego. And hey, my sister's in San Diego, and she's got at least one cat, so there ya go. Apparently this is their eleventh annual bowling event, so if you're in the area you should stop by - who doesn't love bowling? To them I sent six pairs of earrings, hot from the presses - that is, made in my studio over the weekend - and a journal, all to be used as raffle prizes. I hope the people enjoy. I have no idea how they're planning on breaking up the raffle prizes, so whether it will be helpful or detrimental to them for me to have put all the earrings on one pretty card and put that inside a pretty gift box, I don't know. Meh. Any way about it, I think/hope the items will prove useful, popular, whatever.

There's a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from taking a more active role in these kinds of events than just sending a check. Of course I'd encourage everyone to do that as well! And ideally I'd like to be even more hands-on, and taking part in events of this kind for animals in New York and in New Orleans. (Or tabling at events to promote food education, dream of dreams.) But it's all got to start somewhere. And really, I'm just excited that the team has given me this new avenue. So many of us are full of this feeling, I think, of "I wanna help!", but we have no idea what we can do with it. This kind of opportunity fits the bill perfectly, matching the people who want to help with the people who can take that help and make it really productive.

Alright, enough of that kind of musing. Here's the awesome Bowling for Animals logo pic for your enjoyment - it competes with the event title for Most Coolest Thing Ever.

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