Sunday, February 15, 2009

Me and my static ass - week five.

Well, things are... pretty much exactly the same as they were last week. I'm still working too much, and still can't walk properly because of my damn right foot. The left one musta got kind of jealous, because it's now trying to get in on the action.

It's actually been an extra-stressful week - work has been insane, both with the workload and with the difficulty of that work. And I had two, count them two, traumatic events, one somewhat self-propagated and one that is utterly out of the control of anyone.

The first one I won't talk about, since talking about stuff that I shouldn't be talking about in a public forum is how I got in trouble in the first place. You'd think that, at 31, I'd know better. Apparently not. The second I'll only brush upon: a friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. It's a "good" cancer - one that is in this modern age treatable, curable. Still though. Scary as shit. I went through a "good" cancer with my mom. And trust me, even when it's one that can be taken care of, it's nothing that resembles good or even vaguely OK. For those of you that like to channel positive energy, please send your prayers, good vibes, et cetera, to "mel's friend" - the universe will know who you mean.

So anyway, about my diet. I was pretty good this week. With the exception of Friday, I was really on plan the whole time. Thursday I was even significantly under calories - because I was so damn exhausted that I went to bed without eating my last meal of the day. But alas, the numbers don't want to budge for the time being. I seem to have hit a plateau of some sort; I'm just hoping it's temporary, because I am not yet anywhere close to where I wanna be. The enumeration:

1/11/9: 185 (starting weight)
1/18/9: 183.2 (less 1.8 pounds)
1/25/9: 181.8 (less 1.4 pounds)
2/1/9: 177.8 (less 4 pounds!!! no idea how this happened.)
2/8/9: 177.0 (less 0.8 pounds)
2/15/9: 176.2 (less 0.8 pounds)

So I guess that actually is something; almost a pound. It's just hard to deal in anything less than whole numbers. Thank goodness I know better than to weigh myself more than once a week (or, anyway, to write it down more than once a week) - can you imagine how I'd scrutinize?

Anyway, for now I'll stay the course. I have high hopes that my foot will actually be really, truly better at some point in the next, say, two to three weeks, at which point I can start working my way back up to my real walks. Springtime is coming, feets. Try and keep me out of that sunshine, I just dare you.

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