Sunday, February 01, 2009

Me and my somewhat narrowing ass! week three.

It's been a difficult week. The foot injury, that I thought had gone away or at least was dwindling, by Wednesday had returned and was raging even louder. I won't go into the gory details here, as I've already written about it in depth in this post. What matters in this context is that, what with the trauma and pain and frustration and disruption of daily patterns, I fell off the wagon big time.

For Thursday and Friday I tried to estimate calorie counts. I guess Thursday wasn't that bad, despite the ice cream bar I slipped in there. But Friday, woah man. Friday was definitely pushing the bounds even of a healthy 2000-ish number. Saturday went vastly the other way; I was alone in the house all day for reasons I'll not get into. We didn't have any food that I could just eat, and I didn't feel like I could stand long enough to cook anything, so I ended up hardly eating. I just put together the calorie count - barely over 1000. Not good. No wonder I was starving all night.

Today is sort of a hodge podge; I've got my head back together at least, and I'm trying to make sure that I have lunch for the workweek. To that end, Jonathan is now at the grocery. Any additional exercise is definitely out of the picture for the immediate future, though I have been doing a lot of chair dancing to Lykke Li.

Despite it all, or maybe because my body is working so hard right now just to get through daily activities, or maybe simply because I'm not just shoving food into my face whenever I'm bored and instead am actually participating in that grand thing called portion control, my weight does seem to be consistently dropping. And yes, I'm rather excited about it. The quantification:

1/11/9: 185
1/18/9: 183.2
1/25/9: 181.8
2/1/9: 177.8

So yeah, the numbers say that things are going well. But you know what I'm more excited about? When I was getting dressed on Friday I put on a pair of pants that I haven't worn in a couple of weeks, and it didn't feel like the seams were about to bust! Now that's the kind of change I can get behind. (HA HA HA, sorry, the puns just kill me.)

So then. Onward ho.

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