Thursday, January 22, 2009

As predicted.

I supposed I had a pretty good run, for my standards. It was, after all, nine straight days of increased activity before a portion of my body decided to rebel. It's not as if I overdid it; I've done that many times in the past, but not this time. But regardless, alas, and really unsurprisingly, my right foot/ankle/calf has taken a stand.

You see, it's had about all it's gonna take with this increased walking nonsense, and is now boycotting any and all load-bearing duties until further notice. Complaints began Tuesday, and as such were not heeded, a full action was deemed warranted. Specifically, not only must all extra activity be eliminated, but the everyday walks which had previously been standard (such as from the subway to my office) must cease and desist immediately. Any and all infringement upon said boycott will result in punishment for the transgressor (uh, me) ranging from mild discomforting ache to intense shooting pain, punishment to be determined instantly at time of transgression.


I have to go in to work late today. Because going in at my normal work time means very crowded trains means no seats, and I can't really stand for the 20 minute commute. Often, I circumvent this issue by taking a fifteen to twenty minute walk north and just getting on at the end of the line, where there are seats galore. However, since the issue here is not being able to put weight on my right leg, the extra walk is kinda out of the question. So I'm waiting till 9:30 to leave the house, hoping that that will lead to less crowded trains. Then, once in the city, I'll have to transfer to the 6 train to take it one stupid stop south, instead of just walking the ten blocks from 60th like I usually do.

And this, my friends, is why my diet revolves primarily around reduction of calories rather than increase in exercise. My body cannot be trusted, does not play ball - for that matter, some days it won't even walk from the car to the ball field. So it goes. With frustration, we struggle on.


Zucchini Breath said...

I'm with you, sister. If I do some light stretches I'm lucky. Anything more strenuous than a slow jog to the mailbox and I hurt myself. Inevitably.

melissa bastian. said...

Frustrating, isn't it? It took me a damn hour to get to work today. There's naught to be done about it, and being so frustrated of course does me no good, but how does one help such feelings?