Friday, October 31, 2008

When Vegans Blog: a farewell to VeganMoFo.

And on this final day of October, as blustery winds crisp the fingers of passersby on the street below, I bid a fond farewell to a month of daily writing on the world of veganism.

But is it truly goodbye?

Uh, no. It's alot more like, see you a bit less often. And that's really only because as of tomorrow, I begin NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, which maybe should be GloNoWriMo since at this point people are doing it all over the world. I'll be writing alright, but it won't have much to do with veganism or baking. I'm hoping that the daily writing I've done here has conditioned me, in habit at least, for the month ahead. Writing 1667 words per day is no easy task, I fear. But I do believe it's possible, and even if it isn't possible I believe it's worth making a go of it, just to see what comes out.

As I look over the efforts and outcomes of past blogging month, I do have some regrets. I wish that I'd been involved in more networking - both in finding awesome vegan peers and in being found. And I'm saddened that I never did get tagged for the freezer thing - it would have been fun to show y'all the bowl for my ice cream maker frozen in by four inches of frost in an otherwise empty box. This is not an exaggeration.

But some fun things happened too: I found a couple of great blogs like Tami's Vegan Appetite and Have Cake, Will Travel. I made comments on many other blogs, and maybe someday their authors will say hi back. And perhaps most importantly I actually did what I always say I'm going to do but never actually get around to: bake, cook, take pictures, meditate on food, and write about it all.

Parting would be such sweet sorrow, if it were a parting at all.

As a sendoff for VeganMoFo, and a pretty interesting Halloween activity to boot, tonight we're going to see Banksy's Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill on its final night of installation. I'm determined to see it, and I really can't believe I haven't made it down there yet; truth is with everything else going on this month it kind of slipped my mind. But no matter. So long as I get to see it tonight, all is well. Hopefully I'll have pictures for you soon. For today, I leave you with this:


For the Love of Guava said...

So I totally wasted a whole lot of time on the NaNoWriMo site per your last post! I still haven't decided if I'm up for it yet but I have a few more hours to decide right? :) Happy end of Vegan MoFo! I just noticed your other wedding blog as well! i'm getting married in April but fear mine won't be completely vegan... funny I found your other blog separately and didn't realize they were both you! At any rate I'll totally tag you for freezer if you still want to play... some of my taggees failed me so I figure I get to pick more right? Happy Vegan MoFo!

melissa bastian. said...

Hee. I'm glad I've tainted others with my NaNoWriMo crazies. You should totally do it! By the by, my fiance thinks "for the love of guava" is about the best name ever. Oh, and yeah, I'd totally still do the freezer thing...