Sunday, October 19, 2008

Success Stories! Two of 'em. (VeganMoFo day 19.)

Mexican Chocolate and the Tale of Two Bananas.

As you may recall, I had great success with Celine's chocolate breakfast cake... but I was all, you know, being myself about it so of course I had to go and change it. The first time I made it, I went basically by the book, and it was pretty darned good. But I wanted to go farther, be more extreme. So what I did, see, was that I quadrupled the cinnamon (of the original recipe - two whole teaspoons!) and doubled the banana. Voila! Full fledged Mexican Chocolate Banana bread, fo reals. Cinnamoner and denser and moister, as planned. Good stuff, highly suggested for baking on Sunday and then eating throughout the week.

* * *

Happiness Fudge.

Around the office, Fridays are simply wacky! Firstly, it's a 'casual Friday' - meaning that guys don't even have to wear ties! Actually... yeah, that's pretty much the entirety of what it means. But even more excitingly, we have... COOKIE FRIDAY! Yes, an institutionalized event during which cookies and other sweetgoods are fed to (ahem, adult) employees in the hopes of instilling them with a sense of camaraderie and satisfaction. Um... yeah. Anyway, these Friday soirees are the perfect opportunity for me to slip some of my baked goods to this little slice of the unsuspecting and extraordinarily non-vegan public. Hilarity ensues! It goes something like this:
"Wow, this cookie/cupcake/other baked thing is really good! Where'd it come from?" "I made it." "Ah. OH! Does that mean it's like vegetarian or something?" "Yup, it's vegan." "So there's like... no eggs in it?... But it's... it's so good!?!"
Wild times, I'm telling you. So this past Thursday, I tried out my Rum and Coconut Fudge recipe again... the one I royally *fudged* up the first time I attempted it, ha ha ha. And it seems that when the proper amount of sugar is added, it comes out just beautifully - the exact right firmness, perfect flavor balance between rum and coconut and chocolate - basically everything I wanted it to be. I know, I'm like a proud parent. So on Friday I brought the bulk of it into the office, cut into pretty little triangles.

And my word people, you would have thought I'd brought in ambrosia (the real ambrosia, the food of the gods ambrosia, not that bizarre marshmallow stuff). One of the secretaries actually went into the office manager's office to tell her that it was the best fudge she's ever tasted. So now there's a few more people running around midtown Manhattan that, you know, get it. As, in, get that something can be both vegan and awesome. And that, my friends, is a most definite win for vegans everywhere as far as I'm concerned. All those crazy people that think that vegan food can't taste good can put my fudge in their pipes and smoke it.

Except that they should probly just eat it, cause otherwise it would be a waste of some really good fudge.

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