Friday, October 03, 2008

Soup and fruit, fruit and soup... and gnocci.

Dude. I've been sick all week. And I've been a kind of sick that makes me not want to eat, which, you know, sucks ass. I find it confusing. I eat for comfort, and to have something to do... and right now I very much need to be comforted and to have things to do, and eating just doesn't even make the list. Ugh. I can't sleep, but I'm too exhausted to do much else. Joy.

Since Monday, I think I can count the different things I've eaten on the fingers of one hand. Let's try, shall we?

1. fruit
2. Jon's awesome soup (finished the pot today)
3. lentil soup from the vegetarian grocery across the street
4. the spicy thai noodle soup
5. the gnocci with tomato sauce that Jon cooked up for me last night
6. my rum and coconut fudge/truffles

OK, so it would have to be an abnormal hand. But still. That is not very many different things to eat in a freaking week. And if you make a general category of "soup", then we're really in trouble. But I'm not going to do that - partly because it's too depressing, and partly because soups are valid foods with a wide range of possibilities, and these were three very different soups.

So what shall I eat tonight? Well, most likely just the rest of the gnocci. What have I eaten so far today? Jon's cauliflower soup... and the fudge... oh, and some fruit. Yeah, this is bad. Well, there was the cupcake interlude on Tuesday. But that was forced and made me feel somewhat ill. Can you imagine? Cupcakes being a bad thing?

I keep waiting for the morning when I wake up and say, ah! Finally! All better now, let's go greet the day! and it just keeps not coming. Antibiotics really sap the life out of me. Hopefully they're also killing what ails me; otherwise I'm just making myself sicker.

Either way, come Monday morning, I'll be showing up at my old office for my new position and with a new outlook on how to deal with working in a stifling midtown office.

I have to work on plans for how to eat lunch every day in midtown, where the "v" word means "veal"... and for inundating my office mates with awesome baked goods each Cookie Friday... mua ha ha ha. Ah, office life as a vegan. Always a challenge, but luckily sometimes entertaining.

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