Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sickie Soup. (VeganMoFo day seven)

Well then. It would seem that my fiance, Mr. Neversick, has managed to beat the odds - he done and got himself ill. He's achy and cold and snuffly, and basically has all the earmarks of an icky virusy bug. Nothing to do for it but get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, boost vitamin intake... and eat soup.

After the working day and the drugstore run I didn't arrive home to my sickie until about 7pm, at which time he was already quite hungry. I fed him a piece of the chocolate breakfast cake I made last night to stave him off for a minute, and then set about creating a soup with what we happened to have sitting in the kitchen. Fortunately we've been doing a little cooking lately so I had some things to work with. The result was something like this:

All into my smallest double-handed pot went:
  • four cups of water
  • two Rapunzel bullion cubes - sea salt and herb flavor
  • half of a yellow onion, coarsely chopped
  • one small vine tomato, cut into small chunks
  • two heaping teaspoons-ish of jarred minced garlic
  • half a cup of a good tomato sauce that we still had half a jar of in the fridge
  • half a yellow bell pepper, also cut into small chunks
  • one package of Nasoya cubed super-firm tofu - that stuff is sooo convenient when what you're looking for is little cubes of super-firm tofu
All of this was brought to a boil and let stay there for a couple of minutes while I fought with my gas range; eventually we reached a compromise and it was brought down to a simmer and sat there, covered, for twenty minutes or so. I used the time to get some dishes done and force some Emergen-C and sublingual B-12 on my sickie, who is of course refusing to get into bed. (Because, you know, that would be like admitting that he's sick.) Once ready, I served the soup in my big and pretty (if plastic) Chinese-style soup bowls, with matching spoons of course.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures, since we both ate our soup pretty fast and it was a small batch... but, you know. It pretty much looked like a vegetable soup, without very many vegetables and with cubed tofu.

Anyway, it got some fluids and warmth and salt into my sickie, and made him feel loved and cared for. It also tasted damn good. So all in all I'd say mission accomplished.

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