Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pudding Madness! (VeganMoFo day 18)

Not so long ago, I made a rule (again). And that rule was to only eat sweet things, dessert type items if you will, that I had created in my very own kitchen. But for some reason when I spotted the new soy pudding made by Kozy Shack at the grocery, I just had to do it. Partly, there's something truly intriguing about a new soy pudding on the market. It also has a remarkably short ingredient list which is largely organic. So I threw caution to the wind and went for it.

I basically assumed that this company was owned by, I dunno, ConAgra or some other megafoodcorp. But as far as I've been able to tell through my internets poking, they're actually still a family owned business... even if they do now have pudding-making facilities in California and Ireland. They started in Long Island and are still headquartered there; it seems the founder was a real entrepreneurial sort and just recently passed away.

I of course went with chocolate over vanilla. I can't help myself. I was mentally drawing comparisons with the ZenSoy pudding that I have purchased on occasion; I like that company and I like their products, even if they are also a dairy. And they make a banana pudding.

Texturally, this pudding is a winner. It's creamy and dense and kind of awesome. Way way thicker than really any other vegan pudding I've had, many of which have been tasty but a bit thin. On flavor, though - well, it wasn't bad, but there just wasn't much of it. It wasn't overly sweet, which is good, but if I'm going to indulge I want to know I'm doing it, you know?

I do want to try the vanilla flavor, and it seems that Kozy Shack and the grocery store are conspiring to make me do so: the last time I shopped I got a coupon for a four-pack. A good coupon too. Perhaps, when I finally receive my first paycheck from finally being back at work, I shall mark the occasion with celebratory pudding.

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