Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October is veganity month! (You know, apparently.)

Hello. So, um, according to the Post Punk Kitchen, October this year is the month to write blogs about vegan food and eating vegan things. Many, many, many bloggers seem to agree. So OK then PPK, I'll go with it. Why not? October's a great month. Probably the official start of baking season, so really what could be better?

Today the food challenge I face is this one: wanting to eat any at all. I know, right? Totally the opposite of my usual problem. But I'm still sick with this fucking sinus infection (pardon the expletive, but if you had this kind of pain in your face you wouldn't blame me) and it just really cuts into the appetite. Yesterday I managed to get down two bowls of soup and four half-cupcakes, and believe it or not the cupcakes were kind of tough. After two halves I almost suggested putting the other two away for later! I'm beginning to think that my body has been taken over by aliens, but I've looked around the pad pretty thoroughly and I can't find any giant pods anywhere.

So what to eat? I still have some of the soup I ate last night, and it was good last night - a spicy thai noodle thing, very limey. But somehow the fact that it's cold now, entirely despite the presence of the high-powered microwave in my kitchen, is totally gitching me out. I also have some quinoa that I cooked at four in the morning the other night when I couldn't sleep. Same deal. Basically, leftovers are making my skin crawl and my stomach turn.

Damnit! You have no idea how frustrating this is. I spend large amounts of time on most days trying to convince myself not to eat when I've already had plenty. And now comes a time when I really need to be feeding myself so that I can heal, and somehow I can't cram anything down. Ooh, sweet irony.

Maybe tonight my Jonathan will make us a soup - he's quite good at making soups. Just a week or two after we started dating I got sick, and he came over and made this spicy coconut milk lime tofu soup thing that was so awesome - i think there was tomatoes in it - that event is very possibly when I started falling in love with him. Not only because he came over to take care of me at that budding stage of our relationship (awww), but that he could walk into basically a stranger's kitchen and come out with this freaking fantastic coconut soup. Since I'd only been vegan for two months at that point, I felt that I could learn from his years of experience... and I did.

OK. I've gotta hit the kitchen, there's nothing else for it. I have to shove something in there, regardless of how my head feels. This has happened to me before, but that was when I had food poisoning - I won't go into the details on that one. Anyway, if anyone can suggest something that may be appetizing to the ill, lemme know?

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