Thursday, August 14, 2008

Notes from the Frontlines of Daily Mastication.

-It's not easy to eat without a schedule. Being mostly unemployed again, I keep having to remind myself that 'eating' has to make it onto the list of 'things to do today'. And not just once. Several times.

-My coffee shop has started making 'grilled cheeses'. At first I was like, there goes all the vegan food. But nay. We have vegan cheddar, and vegan canadian bacon. And apple slices. Dangerous. This fact is actually helping out rather nicely with point number one. When I'm in the city at least.

-I can't seem to figure out coffee lately. Two mornings ago I brewed it but never picked it up; twelve hours later I wandered into my kitchen and found the cup sitting there full of the tepid brown stuff, layer of oil congealed on top, heating coil in the little one-cup maker still all ablaze. (Fortunately I hadn't broken it or burned the house down.) This morning Jonathan was running late so I got up to make his coffee for him, except I didn't put any coffee in the brew basket. So I really just made him a cup of hot water. Oh bastion of caffeine, why do you thwart me?

-At the event that I'm having on the 23rd, I get to expose the New York world to coffee with chicory and cookies from Angelo Brocato's. Well, as long as my mother comes through I do, so keep your fingers crossed. I wonder how New York will like that piece of New Orleans?

-Not very long ago I found out that Silk Soymilk is owned by Dean Foods, the largest milk producer in the country (and maybe in the world - I'll have to check on that). This is really bugging me. I don't buy much Silk because I prefer almond milk, but we do use their coffee creamer. Now I don't want to buy it at all, but no one else is making a creamer and putting other 'milk' in there pretty much tastes like crap. (I'm telling you, coffee problems.) It's sort of like how I don't buy lightlife stuff because they're owned by ConAgra, but this is actually way more direct. I swear, corporate buyouts make eating really hard. One day when I can afford to live in Manhattan, I'll have to get an apartment next to one of the greenmarkets so that I just don't have to buy any labeled products anymore.

-I've been consuming these Croatian wafer cookies at a severely unhealthy rate. Like, a box a day for instance. Considering that my body doesn't cope with sugar well, and that a box contains about 2600 calories, this is a recipe for disaster I think. So why am I doing it? Um... food addiction? Yeah, that's my best guess. I need to stopit, and stopitnow. Before I gain 20 pounds and make my pancreas shut down. This is actually significantly worse than my pints-of-icecream problem.

That is all.
Over and out.

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