Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mario and Luigi would totally hang out there, even after becoming SUPER.

Ah, Sunday. In true New York style, this particular early spring Sunday is stunningly beautiful with sunshine and blue skies... and gusting winds that make it feel like 27 degrees. But nevermind that, right? I decide that it's a perfect morning to sit at my desk very near a window where I can view said perfect skies and sunshine and, say, write a post for my blog. But oh, drat! I brought my desk chair to my studio (in January) and haven't replaced it, making it rather hard to sit at my desk. But my darling boyfriend has a very nice chair, just on the other side of the room there. Just a few feet away. He won't mind, will he? Still being in bed and all? So... I engage in a little light chair theft, and here I am.


Last night we made the trek (yes I said trek) out to good ol' Williamsburg, Brooklyn to visit Vinnie's Pizzeria. At this point you're saying, what the hell are Mel and her also-vegan boyfriend doing going out to the b-k-l-y-n just to go to some typical pizza joint? Well, I'll tell you. We were going to have a couple slices of their Saturday night special, which this week happened to be chicken bacon cheddar bar-b-q. You heard me. And it was goood too.

So, have I forsaken my beliefs and forgotten all that I've learned? Um, no. See, Vinnie's, which was apparently established in 1960, is one of the few old school pizza places in New York to realize that it's not very hard to make great New York style pizza, and also provide some vegan options. So, now you're gettin' it, our bar-b-q pizza was vegan from head to toe, and what makes it really special is that they include follow your heart cheese! Granted, not very much of it, but still. We also had a couple of beef rolls, which could have used a little more zing, but overall were pretty pleasing.

Walking by the place, which I've done at least 20 times and Jon has done probably a hundred, we never realized that they had food for us. Ok, there was a board with the vegan special written on it last night, but who reads those things? We had a tipoff from our good friends at Supervegan; if it wasn't for them we never would have known about this little cubic zirconium in the rough. Apart from frequent vegan specials, their regular menu features four types of all-vegan pizzas as well as some add on items like garlic knots and rolls. At the bottom it states, "we encourage creativity with substitutions". Don't you kind of love these guys already?

The atmosphere of the place is everything you'd want while devouring a slice of top-notch thin crust. Seating is booth style, mostly four-seaters with one two-seater nestled up front. The walls are adorned with signed photos of famous people thanking Vinnie for providing them with such wonderful carbohydrates throughout the years, as well as a poster proclaiming all that Italian-Americans got accomplished in the 20th century. The counter and kitchen staff are pretty much what you'd expect to find in this type of Bedford Avenue establishment (read: bike-riding hipsters) but there's no pretention - they'll sing along with the radio to "it's raining men" and the dance re-mix of "total eclipse of the heart" with zero shame.

Like a dumbass, I forgot to take any pictures. Again. (Why do I carry around the extra pound that is my camera? Oh yeah, to take way too many pictures of trees.) They also don't have a website - that's just not how Vinnie rolls. So I guess you're gonna have to drop by and see for yourself. They're at 148 Bedford Ave, west side of the street, between N. 8th and N. 9th streets. It's a great place to take your carnie friends as they also have fully meated pizzas. And after dinner you can get yourself a 40 from the bodega, park your crew on someone's stoop, and play hipster bingo all night long. Someone's bound to win at least once every five minutes.

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