Sunday, November 04, 2007

bastian-come-jinx tackles the mountainous biscuit.

all that talking about baking last night made me want to do it some more, so i decided that this morning i would bake biscuits. it's a beautiful day, blue sky, low 50's. perfect fall weather if you ask me. this put me in a good mood, and gave me the bravery i needed to tackle a new baking challenge.

i used a recipe from "how it all vegan" (a great little book, in case you didn't know) for sweet biscuits. utterly contrary to everything in my being, i followed the recipe. to a t. of course, it's like five ingredients, so there's not much room for variation. and, you know, i added 1/4 teaspoon of salt because my margarine of choice is unsalted and most recipes assume that you're using a salted butter-like-substance, and i also divided the dough into 6 biscuits instead of 8, and half of the flour that i used was whole wheat pastry because i don't make ANYTHING with only white flour. but whatev. for me, that's following the recipe, for serious.

i mixed up my dough, which was a workout, and the initial results were indicative of a success. the dough looked like biscuit dough, and tasted like biscuit dough. but when cooked, would it actually become biscuits? this was the question racing through my mind as i threw open the mouth of the hell-beast and sent the sticky flour-and-water balls to their fate.

preliminary peeks were promising - they were rising like little biscuit boulders, looking something like (very large versions of) the homemade biscuits that my dad would whip up when i was a kid.

but if you know me, you know that i'm not a very patient girl, and also that i'm terrified of burning things. and if you know my oven, you know that she's not very reliable when it comes to temperature. and i also made the biscuits bigger than they're supposed to be. put these things together, and whaddaya get? a bit of a comedy of errors, with me pulling the biscuits out and feeling like they're ready, and leaving them out for a few minutes, and then deciding that they weren't cooked enough, turning the oven back on, putting them back in there, taking them back out again... not quite "lucy", but then i don't like that show anyway.

finally i decided that i would leave well enough alone, took my fledgling biscuits out of the oven for good, and let them cool for a lil' minute. when i couldn't stand the anticipation any longer, i cracked one of those suckers open. surprise! it was kind of... like a biscuit. but also kind of like a scone. and alas, a bit doughy in the very center. good news for me, because i like stuff to be doughy. bad news, however, for my boyfriend, who would have much preferred them to be all crumbly and whatnot. he of course would never say so, and told me they were quite good. ain't he a gem?

i took my slightly doughy biscuit and smeared it with a bit of black cherry all fruit, brewed a nice mug of strong black tea, and settled in for a very pleasing breakfast. a lovely fall morning, i declare; all sundays should start so well.

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