Sunday, September 02, 2007

sacred chow got new chairs! go eat there right now. i mean it.

now, if you don't know this restaurant, you don't know exactly how exciting this is. see, they have some of the most amazing vegan food in new york city, and it's unlike the food anywhere else. but until recently, the seating arrangements were nothing short of atrocious. i mean really. there have actually been occasions when i wanted to go there, was specifically craving their specialties, but did not want to deal with the tiny wicker-like stools with no backs.

but fear not, for those days have passed! this most wonderful of vegan restaurants is now fully equipped with lovely, elegant, high backed black chairs. see for yourself:
now, if you're worried that this sudden investment in fancy furnishings has degraded dining quality, think again; the food is still fantastic. right down to the ice cream brownie sundae thing.

and speaking of ice cream: on top of the new-chair sensation, it seems that sacred chow has finally, FINALLY stopped offering dairy ice cream and are 100% vegan. what were they thinking with all that nonsense anyway? i guess they didn't know either, and now we don't need to because they've cut it right out. whew!

so don't delay! stop by sacred chow. their brunch on the weekend is amazing (for the love of all that's good in the world, get the italian fritatta, which i've written about before) but their regular menu will knock you flat as well. visit my friend fanelli - last i checked he worked tuesday, thursday, and sunday evenings. and when tipping remember: 15% is standard, 20% is classy.