Friday, November 17, 2006

yep, i'm back.

xah, such a strong start, and then i abandoned the project for a month and a half. well, i got busy i guess. these things happen.

at any rate, i've started baking. every winter i mean to bake, and every winter i don't because i'm afraid of ovens. but i've made two batches of cookies now, the second even more successful than the first, and i am encouraged. and so now there are plans, so so many plans, and just in time for the "holidays" so that i can give cookies as presents. yes. i have two main sources: the post punk kitchen website and "how it all vegan". incidentally, the ppk girl Isa has put out a book called "vegan cupcakes take over the world", and i have no idea how it is that i don't own it yet, and i can only hope that i will by christmas. ahem. hint. hint.

so far i made regular chocolate chip cookies, which were good but a bit too oily, and chocolate chip cookies which i thought were slightly on the dry side but went over well at my (very non-vegan) office. once i perfect some recipes i'll post them - i'm thinking of experimenting with the whole banana-as-egg thing...

i fear that's all i have to report at the moment. soon (hopefully) i will be reporting on the amazing dosas at Madras cafe, the rice vermicelli at Lan cafe, and the fantastic thanksgiving dinner for which i have reservations at Candle Cafe. i went there last year, and oh my... i have dreams about the cinnamon ice cream...

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