Monday, October 02, 2006

long live the rice ball dumpling!

i am very excited to announce that vegetarian paradise 2 is open again!!! honestly, i have no idea when it happened; could have been two weeks ago. but whatever.

it happened like this see. one day the boyfriend and i went over there for a lovely lunch... maybe some peking duck, maybe some buddah's delight soup, definitely some rice ball dumplings. but when we got there, we were greeted not by an open door but by a closed iron gate, adorned with a hand-written note saying that the gas had been turned off and that they would open again shortly. well. i hoped that this was the case. so i kept walking by, every few days, just to see if the gloriousness had reopened. no. no. no. and then one day, the gate was pulled up just a tiny bit, so that i could see the floor, which was strewn with dust and construction materials.

my mind flew to the worst: no more vp2! no more smoked turkey dinners, no more stickey-rice-in-lotus-leaf, no more lemon duck! life, as i knew it, was over! i lost hope. i stopped going by; i couldn't bear the sight.

and then, on saturday, it just so happened that our path aligned with my lost love (fate?). and what did i see? vp2, open! freshly painted walls, new light fixtures, same everything else! joy of joys! of course we ate dinner there. of course i got the coveted, can't-get-them-anywhere-else, once-smacked-my-(ex)-boyfriend-for-trying-to-take-one rice ball dumplings. and they are just as wonderful as ever.

and listen to this people: i let the boyfriend have a dumpling. actually, i offered him two. what does this tell you? i wonder if he knows just how much it means...

i'm going back tonight with the illustrious miss nina. my mind is racing with possibilities; i do not know what to have. maybe i'll go crazy and try something new! but, let's face it. i'll probably start with the rice ball dumplings.