Monday, September 11, 2006


veganity. new york. cupcakes. yes.

i am going to say here that think coffee on mercer (between 3rd and 4th) is my favorite coffee shop ever. now, that might not be true. i often say that things are "the ________ thing ever" or state that they're my favorite thing ever, when really they're a passing fancy. but it's true right now, and since right now is all i've got, well then so be it. i was in love with them right from the start, because they put soymilk right there on the bar, and because all of their coffee (that's right, ALL of it) is fair trade organic, and because the milk that they do use is local and organic. and then i found out that they donate 25% of profits to local community action.

and then it got really good. because they started carrying some food from sacred chow, one of my very favorite vegan restaurants in new york. i'd been saying from the first visit that it would be perfect if it just had vegan foodstuffs... and then they did! and then it was perfect! they get brownies and cupcakes (the ones with rainbow sprinkles on top!) and also the tofu spa salad and the peanut noodles sometimes. and they have vegan sandwiches of various compositions sometimes. so yes, when i saw my first sacred chow cupcake there, i knew it was love, pure and true. hopefully it will last.

its one true downside is that it's smack dab in the middle of nyu-land. now, this irks me for at least two reasons. 1) like many coffee shops, it is often overrun with students (and their books) who do not leave for hours. and 2) because i look like i could be, it is assumed that i am one of them. i'm freakin' not, alright? i can't afford your damn school and i resent all of you go away. so there. but it must be noted that it is the very presence of this irksome population that is probably enabling such an establishment to exist. so. there's also the minor problem of the ugly orange light fixtures, but most of the place is beautiful so those can be ignored.



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