Tuesday, September 12, 2006

italian food, i have not forsaken you!

so, i don't know how it took me practically a year of being here to figure it out, but i LOVE viva herbal pizzaria (2nd ave between 10th and 11th... i think). they have VEGAN CALZONES, people. and ravioli, and garlic knots, and several types of pizza, and innumerable other vegan delights that i haven't gotten to try yet. last night i got more food than my friend and i could eat for $20, and believe me, when you get me involved a pretty significant amount of food can be gotten rid of.

for the most part it has the look and feel of a typical nyc pizza place, with terrible tables and chairs and bad music and all. i dig that. they have your typical beverage cases, but they're stocked with 'natural' sodas like reed's ginger beer and other fun things, instead of coke and pepsi products. sadly, they do not have vegan cheese. i don't get that; we know that there is great vegan cheese available in these parts, that melts terriffically and all, since there are several restaurants that do have it. so what's the issue? but whatever. the food is quite enjoyable as is, and when you're eating you don't feel like it's missing anything at all.

since they do have real cheese, but are all vegetarian, it's a good place to go with non-vegan friends. i plan to force all sorts of people to go there. it'll be delightful. and you know what i haven't even checked out? if they have desserts...

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