Tuesday, September 26, 2006

for the love of thai.

i've known about pukk (1st ave between 4th and 5th st) for months. so how has it eluded me that it is so freaking awesome?! the first time i went there was one of the first dates that my boyfriend and i went on, so that could help explain why i was so oblivious. (i get nervous in restaurants with boys. yes, i know i'm 28. shut up.)

so, last night i went there again with the illustrious miss nina, and oh! my! i want to go there every night for the rest of my life! as far as i can tell, the only thing there that isn't vegan is the noodle dishes that contain egg. they are clearly labled on the menu as containing egg, and it can always be left out. !!! in poking around on the internet i've heard other things, but as of september 25, 2006 that's how it is. if only, if only i'd known that THEY MAKE THEIR THAI ICED TEA WITH SOYMILK! alas, next time.

ok. so it took us like 20 minutes for us to decide what we wanted, because we both wanted everything. we ended up getting two appatizers, two entrees, and two desserts. let me just say this about dessert: thai tea cheesecake. is. heaven. and i don't really like cheesecake. miss nina had these weird fried apple things that were amazing. but i've gotten ahead of myself. there was real food before there was dessert.

let's see if i can remember. as far as appetizers, we had dumplings (scallion? chive? i don't remember...) and the thai pancake (like a scallion pancake - deep fried bread essentially) that was served with a curried spicy gingery kind of sauce. it had chunks of deep fried tofu in it. i ate them. yeah. for dinner she got the pad thai, which is the first dish i always try at a thai place i've never been to before - i had it last time. it's... pad thai. it's perfect if you want pad thai. so. i had a noodle dish that is called something along the lines of ginger gravy noodles? i think? anyway, it's a nice stew-like object with big fat squishey noodles with lots of vegetables and mushrooms and little shreds of potent ginger root. we both cleaned our plates.

another wonderful thing to know: that place is crazy cheap! most of the entrees are a mere $7. me and miss nina got so excited about the prices that we ordered way too much food and spent a ton of money. ha. not like it's the first time. i think i do that at sacred chow every time i go.

so, in my internet-poking-around, i saw that some people were dissing the decour. whatever! that place looks awesome! the whole thing is lined in these tiny circular tiles in white and a funny lime green color. including the seats, which are built into the walls and floor. but they give you these awesome slab-of-rubber cushions that make it quite comfortable to sit there for an hour stuffing your face. it's all crazy modern and fancy and like eating inside of a space ship. i guess there are people who wouldn't like that, but those people suck. so whatever. everyone should want to eat inside of a spaceship.

i do, however, suggest not hitting it at peak dining hours - it may get rather loud with all those hard surfaces. is it so terrible to eat at 7 people? come on. avoid the rush. your food comes faster, your service is better, and you don't have to listen to some stranger complaining about her love life or some crap. and that goes for every restaurant in the city, as far as i'm concerned.

and in conclusion, pukk = happiness for me. yay.

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